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About Our Shows

StorySnorts shows are structured to complement the school curriculums of Music, Drama, Visual Arts, English Language, English Literacy, and English Literature.


While each performance is improvised, they are structured into a three-part act. At various points throughout the show, our host explains relevant story elements before inviting the audience to offer ideas of setting, characters, and plot. These ideas are then incorporated into the storyline.


Act 1:

The setup or exposition of our story. After the audience helps create a setting and some basic characters, the story begins as our cast enters the imaginary world to investigate everyday life. A series of extra random characters will soon evolve during this process, but it is left open for the audience to choose their favourite to be the protagonist. Act 1 will end with an inciting incident which upsets the normal lives of our main characters.


Act 2:

Once a protagonist has been chosen, the audience suggests physical traits that may help or hinder our hero along their journey. They also help build the plot by inventing new problems and strange objects which all enter the story as it unfolds. The rising action of Act 2 then begins. Our antagonist will create more and more trouble, culminating in another inciting incident, which will leave our protagonist in a seemingly unsolvable mess.


Act 3:

Our audience is not finished with yet. Before Act 3 begins, our host will call out for more ideas, which our cast weaves seamlessly into the plot to give our collaborative story a satisfying finale. Our protagonist will risk everything to find a resolution for the conflict that threatens their everyday life. And after an enthralling scene of falling action, the story will end with the denouement or resolution as our main characters hopefully return to a life they had been fighting for since the story began.

About Our Workshops

The Magical World of Improvisation: Primary Level (Years 2-6)

StorySnorts tutors are experienced performers who specialise in the craft of improvisation. Share their passion through one of our dynamic workshops, conducted right at your school. In a fun and collaborative setting, your students will unleash their creative potential while learning the joy of spontaneous character and scene development. Improvisation teaches empathy, attentive listening skills, and quick

thinking. But most importantly, improvisation is fun!


Our tutors will adapt each workshop to suit your requirements. For smaller groups, there will be a higher degree of individual involvement in the games and activities. For larger groups, we need to adapt for a more demonstration style model, where small groups participate throughout the workshop while the remainder of the class watches on. We are happy to discuss any model which suits the needs of your class.


The standard workshop is coordinated by one actor. If you require an illustrator or musician there will be an extra fee. These artforms are more suited as supporting roles for our actors in improvisation, so are not generally available for standalone workshops.

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